New Green No Catch Baffle now shipping

Posted by Jerry on 11/21/2018 to News
Newly designed Green No Catch Baffle is now available for the Walker Mowers with 48" Center Discharge decks model DGHS48 or DC48 standard rotation deck.  This baffle basically converts the collection deck to a mulching deck by closing off the discharge and forcing the clipping to remain within the deck to be re-cut until they find a way out.  The clipping are distributed nicely across width of deck.  Clipping and leaves will be smaller if used with the Versimow Shredder Blade attachment.  This attachment is a low cost alternative to purchasing extra mower deck or No Catch Deflector that is recommended by manufacturer.  The clipping are not cycled through the collection system causing undue abrasive wear like when using the No Catch Deflector.  We recommend that this option be utilized before going on to a more expensive option. 

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