Spring Cleanup is the time for Versimow Shredder Blades on your Walker Mower

Posted by JerryP on 4/7/2020 to News
For spring cleanup, your Walker Mower needs Versimow Shredder Blades.
Versimow Shredder Blades
Spring cleanup time is a great time to use your Versimow Shredder Blades on your Walker Mower.  During this time, you will remove a massive amount of dead clipping and leaves from the lawn; conditions will be damp while you are cleaning up, so we recommend that you remove the brown leaf baffle you installed last fall for leaf cleanup.  The shredder blades will help by reducing the clippings and twigs that you pick up to make the trips to the pile less. Tip: Anytime you find that material wants to stick to the underside of the deck, it is best to remove the brown leaf baffle, because the debris will attach to the baffle instead of deflecting off, causing significant build-up under the deck.  The brown baffle works best when used mulching dry leaves in dry conditions.